The academic homestead of Annika Waern


This blog serves as the academic home page of Annika Waern. I am a ‘research by design’ academic with a background in computer science and HCI, who has dedicated the latest ten years of my life to understanding games, and more specifically, pervasive games. I currently work as a full professor and chair in Human Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. Before April 2013, I worked as a professor at Stockholm University, and as research leader at the Mobile Life excellence centre.

The name of my blog is chosen in honor of Ingmar Bergman and role-play. With Ingmar Bergman I share nationality, a love for Gotland, and a bit of a Nordic sentiment (or sentimentality). Playing at role-play has been an important past-time for me since the eighties, and has influenced my approach to game research tremendously.

In my private life, singing and playing music has been even more important than role-playing. This might also show up in posts.

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