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Moving jobs

I haven’t been active on this blog for a while. The main reason is my change of jobs. In April this year, I took up a position as professor in Human Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. Which leads to the question “now what on earth did that come from?” and the gut reaction “aaargh I’m becoming my mother!” as my mother was professor in the very same subject.

Being a professor in Uppsala has so far meant 1) adapting to teaching students in HCI rather than in game development, and 2) networking with a lot of cool people in the university and local industry. I am also heading the advisory board for the bachelor program in game design at Gotland, but I am not actually working there. I have a new Ph.D. student who is NOT doing game-related research, but I also got two of my old students accompanying me. Both are also presenting their licentiate theses now in November and December – but those deserve their own posts. I have taught a course in Social Media where the students blogged about everything they did in the course – and created a pretty comprehensive overview of the subject.

I have played several very good larps recently – I haven’t blogged about Celestra nor Mad About the Boy (which I helped organise) nor The Cabaret larp musical (that I am actually designing), and not about the Palestinian larp festival Beit Byout or the Stockholm Scenario festival. (Looking back at this period, I realise why I didn’t have much time for blogging.)

In August, Jon Back presented our joint paper about Codename Heroes at the international DIGRA conference. We should publish more on this project – it is huge – so this is just a first. It covers the gender aspects of the design. Hopefully, the article will soon be added to the DIGRA library and then I’ll write a short announcement about it. I also spoke on the subject of teaching game design at Foundations of Digital games (paper available here) and held an invited talk at CHItaly about the differences and similarities between game research and HCI.

So, with this quick recap I hope I can get back to writing some nice posts about games and game analysis soon.




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