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Mobile digital interactive storytelling – a winding path

Finally,  ‘New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia’ has published the special issue that I co-edited with Frank Nack. The issue is about storytelling in mobiles, and has a large focus on the use of locative storytelling in cultural heritage contexts – in museums and in cities. Frank and I wrote an introduction to the issue (which is actually a double issue) that I think turned out pretty well. We come from very different backgrounds, Frank working with adaptive storytelling and hypertext, and I with games. In the introduction, we were able to superimpose the development in those two fields, to illustrate both common issues and attempts at solutions. The core argument we build is that travelling – moving – in itself creates a sequential experience that shapes a narrative, and that mobile interactive storytelling must harness that power as well as be interactive in the hypermedia sense. As we write, “There is an inherent conflict between the emergent narrative structures generated by motion, and providing rich personal adaptation of a story”.

The articles in this double issue are good too, so check it out at the NRHM home page!

Full reference:

Nack, Frank, and Waern, A. Mobile digital interactive storytelling – a winding path. Introduction to special issue on Mobile digital interactive storytelling, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 18 (1-2) 2012. Pages 3-9.

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