The academic homestead of Annika Waern

Annika Waern, brief C.V.

Docent 2007, Ph.D. 1996, currently employed as professor at Stockholm University, Dept. of Computer and System sciences. Annika Waern has a long background as an industry-oriented researcher from the research institutes Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Interactive Institute. She has participated in numerous collaboration projects with industry. National examples include the PUSH project with Ellemtel in the early nineties, and Vinnova projects with small companies such as WeRunFree (with Street Media 7) in 2010. International projects include the Common-KADS project also in the early nineties and the Kimsac project in the late nineties. Most importantly, she headed the IPerG (Integrated Project on Pervasive Games) project during 2004-2008. This project involved nine partners from five countries in developing design and technology for Pervasive Games. Most of the results from this project are still available at the project homepage. The project also produced an easy to read book with design tips and considerations for Pervasive Games.

Today, Annika works within the context of the Mobile Life excellence center. Her research is still focussed on pervasive play, but has shifted from the experimental design of full games towards more detailed research on the interplay between game design, interaction design, and the activities that people engage in when playing these games. Some of this research specifically focusses on the role of using our own bodies in games, other on how to create interesting and negotiatable spaces for play.

A personal account of Annika’s research career was posted at the DSV web in March 2012 (in Swedish). Most of her more recent publications are available from the web pages above.

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